About Us

Rich Fruits came into being in 2001. It was started by a reputed business family which has completed four decades of successful business by then. In a short span of time, it has created a niche for itself in the agro-processing industry with a whole spectrum of products from fruits, processed pulp and to other agro products. Our approach from the beginning has been to provide then best value to our customers be it quality or affordability. We seamlessly connect Indian market with the world market. We make the best of our taste available to global consumers and vice versa.

As we are committed to world class quality products, we make it sure that we package our products as per the international food safety guidelines and standards.  Our consumers are assured of the same great taste and richness of experience each and every time they consume Rich Fruits products. 

We also want our Indian consumers to experience great tastes available in other parts of the world. We import fresh fruits, packed foods and ready to drink beverages in bulk and make them available in India in sufficient quantity for as many people to savor some great international taste. Our policy is to maintain a balance between import and export thereby giving us an opportunity to know the domestic and overseas markets in equal measure.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be one of the best producers and suppliers of processed fruit pulps, purees, concentrates and canned fruits, produced following strict safety norms and global food standards, in the world. This can’t be achieved without a satisfied and happy customer base. We understand this and get immense delight in what we have achieved over the years in this regard. We maintain quality of international standards and norms and have ensured adherence to highest level of regulatory compliance. We have stood, shoulder to shoulder with our stakeholders, be it our suppliers and our esteem customers who are an integral part of our growth and success story.

Know our stakeholders

Mr. Basha

Humble beginning in 1970 by our Director Mr. Basha who laid down a foundation for fruits business with years of experience, has guided the company towards the direction of un-ending growth and success.

Mr. Mohammed Toufiq

Mr. Mohammed Toufiq who is a master in purchase & sale of fruits for domestic market, has been the back bone of the company for procurement of fruits for processing & sale of imported fruits.

Mr. Abdul Asif

In 2001, Rich Fruits was formed and Mr. Abdul Asif was appointed as Managing Director, with a goal to take family business in the international market. He has thus, achieved a tremendous growth in exports of the company and has opened new business opportunities of fresh fruit imports.